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Meeting with members of the delegation of the United States Congress

5 August 2021

The President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, met with the Congressmen of the United States of America, Eric Swalwell and Sean Maloney today, with whom he discussed the development of bilateral relations, as well as stability in the Western Balkans region.

President Vučić pointed out the importance of strengthening bilateral cooperation and improving overall relations with the United States, and especially the importance of improving economic cooperation between the two countries.

"Serbia wants to establish better relations with the United States", said President Vučić. The two congressmen said that they came to visit Serbia encouraged by the economic results, with the intention of encouraging American investors to invest more in our country.

Congressmen Swalwell and Maloney expressed support for the "Open Balkans" regional initiative, which they saw as a great opportunity for the progress of the Western Balkans.

President Vučić said that the initiative was open to others in the region and that regional economic cooperation and interconnection were the basis for peace and stability.

President Vučić informed the American congressmen about the results that Serbia has achieved in terms of vaccination.

The delegation of the US Congress welcomed the solidarity that Serbia has shown by helping the citizens of the region, as a responsible neighbor, with donations of vaccines. He thanked for the help of the USA so far in the fight against the pandemic, especially having in mind the fact that the USA is currently one of the countries most affected by this virus in the world.

President Vučić reminded his interlocutors that this year marks the 140th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Serbia and the United States, expressing hope that we will have the opportunity to adequately mark this important jubilee, despite the restrictive circumstances caused by the pandemic.

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Marking the Remembrance Day of all Serbs who died and were expelled in the armed operation "Storm"

5 August 2021

The President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, attended the celebration of the Remembrance Day of all the victims and expelled Serbs in the armed operation "Storm" and said that Serbia remembers!

"Today, when we remind ourselves again of what happened in August 1995, the terrible pogrom, the expulsion of more than 250,000 Serbs, the exodus and ethnic cleansing, we, at the same time, and finally, remind ourselves of who we are, what we are, where we come from and where we are going. Thank you all for being here together tonight and for showing how much we love our people", said President Vučić, adding that we will not forget any of the things that the Krajina people had to go through.

"For us, these are not just terrible numbers of victims", said President Vučić and emphasized that Serbia will not forget.

"History has never been rewritten like today. That is why I want to remind us all not only of what others have done to us, not wanting us to exist, but also of what we have done to ourselves, just as if we ourselves did not want to exist", said the President, noting that we must never again allow Serbia to forget its silent heroes.

President Vučić emphasized that we must never again cover our eyes, ears, and mouths in front of something that truly was a pogrom and the downfall of all humanity.

"Pretending that this is not true, avoiding saying it, is a crime not only against the victims, but also against ourselves, every living Serb, people from Krajina, as well as Serbia and its future", said President Vučić and underlined that people can stand up straight and live with themselves and the others without hesitation, fear and doubt, only if they remember.

President Vučić pointed out that Serbia must fight for peace and cradles with children, as well as that not remembering annuls and erases us from the history and the future, depriving us of the right to tomorrow.

"Our mission is a happy future for us and for the new generations! Today's Serbia is based on a clear identity and a culture of remembrance", said President Vučić and reminded that everything that had been neglected for decades had been done, and that a strong Serbia has become the master of its own destiny.

"Eternal glory to you, Serbian martyrs who perished in the "Storm" and all other pogroms. Your children are in their Serbia, taken care of, loved and successful. Sleep peacefully, Serbian falcons, the future of your children is our vow", concluded President Vučić and thanked everyone who showed that night how much they love their country and that Serbia remembers.

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Meeting with representatives of UGT Renewables LLC

2 August 2021

The President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, met today with the representatives of the company UGT Renewables LLC, after which an Agreement on Cooperation was signed between the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the representatives of this company.

President Vučić said that this Agreement is the beginning of a new era and an important step into the future for the energy security of our country, but also one of the projects of crucial importance for economic development and success within the green agenda of Serbia.

After the signing of the Agreement, the President emphasized that it is important to have as many renewable energy sources as possible and that talks on the conditions are now to follow, and he expressed confidence that "the best possible agreement will be reached, which is crucial for the success of our country within the framework of the green agenda".

The President said that the construction of solar panels on an area of about 2,000 hectares and a dozen locations throughout Serbia was being negotiated with the American company, which would provide an additional gigawatt of electricity and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.9 million tons per year.

"A big and important thing for Serbia, I believe that this will contribute to the further interest of energy and innovative companies to invest in our country", the president pointed out, adding that after the signing of the contract, the construction would take about two years.

"This is a great investment, that contributes to the economic growth of Serbia", President Vučić emphasized and added that in this way, Serbia will reform and modernize the energy sector.

The President pointed out that this project creates new opportunities for attracting other investors, who see the arrival of American investors as a positive signal.

The agreement was signed by Zorana Mihajlović, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, and Peter Goodall, CFO at UGT Renewables LLC.

The signing was also attended by US Ambassador Anthony Godfrey.

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Serbia gets opportunity to cooperate with Goldman Sachs

21 July 2021

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic stated today in New York that our country has been given the opportunity to cooperate with one of the most powerful investment groups in the world, Goldman Sachs, which it will use.

Brnabic, who talked with Goldman Sachs President David Solomon, during her working visit to the USA, emphasised that the presence of Goldman Sachs gives a completely different level of respect and credibility of the country.

We tried to bring Goldman Sachs to Serbia, it seems that we have succeeded for now, on a small scale, they do not come just like that, they are not present in the region. We managed to agree to have a small joint project to make sure that everything we talk about is really like that, and when you open the door and show yourself, it is a different perspective, she explained.

The Prime Minister noted that she could not give details of the talks on the project that were discussed at the meeting. She pointed out that the meeting was at a completely different level than in 2014. Namely, this group will now be present as Goldman Sachs and develop some segment of its business in Serbia. It was an excellent, but difficult meeting, said Brnabic and added that this group knows everything about Serbia – how much we have changed, how serious and credible we are, they appreciate all that.

According to her, Serbia will continue to fight for the cooperation with Goldman Sachs to move to an even higher level.

The Prime Minister also expressed satisfaction with the results of the talks she had with entrepreneurs in the field of IT gathered in the organisation "Serbian Entrepreneurs", which helped her to have numerous meetings in the USA.

She said that she expects three or four new investments from the working meetings during her visit to the United States, which will bring at least 120 new jobs that will be created in the next year.

The Prime Minister emphasized that from the most important centre of the world, she received confirmation that everything we are doing and planning is on the right path, noting that all those who have already invested in Serbia have stated that we are another country compared to what they saw six years ago, and that it is an incredible step forward.

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Serbia has achieved great success in the field of digitalization

20 July 2021

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, stated at a gathering dedicated to digitalization and the IT sector, which was held in New York, that since she became Prime Minister, she is most proud of Serbia's success in the field of digitalization.

Brnabić, who is on a two-day visit to the United States, said that when she was elected Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government in August 2016, she wanted to do everything to change the public administration and what bothered her as a citizen.

She stated that, when she took office as Prime Minister, she knew what her priorities were and that first of all, digitalization needed to be raised to a higher level, that the education reform was supposed to begin, as well as work on strengthening the economy. I believed in a country that believes in its people, because the Serbian people are creative.

From 1 June 2017, we started working as an e-Government, i.e. we started exchanging data electronically, said the Prime Minister. According to her, our citizens no longer had to go to, say, the Tax Administration, and since then, the public administration has exchanged 50 million documents, which means that citizens did not have to go from office to office for 50 million papers.

Brnabić pointed out that she is proud of what has been done in the field of education since she became the head of the Government, specifying that in September 2017, programming was introduced as a compulsory subject in primary schools. Nobody believed that we could do that, but we cooperated with the private sector and some social organizations and we succeeded. At the moment, we are far ahead of numerous countries in Europe and the world, said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister pointed out that she was most proud when the cornerstone was laid for the science and technology park in southern Serbia, noting that so far, our country has four science and technology parks. She pointed out that Serbia has since become one of the most successful countries in the world in the field of technology, and that according to some parameters, it is among the ten countries in the world, or among the five, assessing that this is proof that the country can change quickly.

Answering the question about vaccination, the Prime Minister emphasized that our country has never seen it as a geopolitical issue, but as a health issue. According to her, Serbia talked with producers from both the East and the West and was among the first European countries to sign agreements with the company Pfizer-BioNTech and Sinopharm. Unfortunately, many countries have viewed this issue as geopolitical. It did not matter to us, as long as the vaccines were safe, the Prime Minister emphasized and added that this was not the end of Serbia's success, because good organization was also needed.

Brnabić explained that the organization is another important thing in vaccination, because it is a logistically very difficult process, adding that, with the help of digitalization, success has been achieved and that everything we did in the previous years has paid off. She stated that Serbia quickly established a system through which citizens could express interest in vaccination against the coronavirus and choose which vaccine they wanted to receive, as well as to be informed by a message when to go and get vaccinated.

Now I can log in on my phone, to see how many people have received the vaccine, how many more have registered, so that the effects of digitalization are obvious. We have made everything very efficient and easy for our citizens, the Prime Minister explained.

Answering the question of what she can tell other countries of the world about how to progress faster, Brnabić said that it is important to invest as much as possible in digitalization and education. You need to teach children how to think, not what to think. Not all children will become IT experts, but what they can learn is an algorithmic way of thinking and how to make decisions, she said.

The Prime Minister mentioned investing in high-speed internet and providing infrastructure for start-ups as an important thing for progress, because more and more economies will be based on start-ups and innovations, emphasizing that people should be helped to start companies and implement their ideas.

Speaking about social networks, she pointed out that fake news has become the biggest problem on these networks and that it will remain so for some time. This is the biggest challenge I face as Prime Minister, especially during the corona virus pandemic, she said, adding that social networks are also a great opportunity for politicians to communicate with citizens.

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Interest of American companies in investing in IT sector in Serbia

20 July 2021

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic stated today that the result of the first day of talks with the representatives of American companies in New York was the announcement of three or four new investments in Serbia.

Brnabic, who is on a two-day visit to the United States, said after a meeting with more than 50 members of the New York branch of Young Presidents Organisations, that she is extremely pleased with the meetings in New York, where investments or investment funds were announced for our companies and for our young talents.

The Prime Minister pointed out that she was very well received and that the participants in the meeting announced that they would come to Serbia and that they would redirect the investments they planned to other parts of the world, such as India, to our country.

Brnabic pointed out that they are interested in investing in the IT sector, startup companies, biotechnology and biomedicine, explaining that these investments are not classic, but investment funds.

She expressed satisfaction that the leaders of the blockchain company Guilded, with whom she had previously talked, expressed interest in Serbia and its position in the field of blockchain – the latest technology that provides a high level of data protection and guarantees transactions without the possibility of abuse. In the years to come, Guilded will be one of the largest and most advanced companies.

If we bring them to Serbia, we will succeed in positioning ourselves on the world market in financial technologies, gold trade and the digital sphere, the Prime Minister emphasised. As she pointed out, representatives Guilded were impressed by what Serbia has done in the field of e-government, but also by the position in the field of blockchain.

The Prime Minister stated that they expressed interest in our data storage capacities and our Data Centre in Kragujevac.

If we finish everything started today, they will come to Serbia or keep their data in our country, said Brnabic, emphasizing that it would be of great importance for our country.

The Prime Minister expressed her gratitude to our diaspora and the organisation "Serbian Entrepreneurs", which helped organize the meetings.

Today, the Prime Minister continues talks with representatives of American companies, and one of the most important will be with the leaders of the largest investment bank, not only in the United States but also in the world, Goldman Sachs.

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Selaković invited representatives of members of the NAM to gather in Belgrade in October

13 July 2021

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, Nikola Selaković, spoke at the Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) today and on that occasion sent an invitation to the representatives of the members to gather in Belgrade on 11 and 12 October, when the 60th anniversary of the first Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement held in Belgrade in 1961 will be marked.

Selaković informed the participants of the conference that Serbia would organize this important jubilee of non-aligned countries together with Azerbaijan – which is currently chairing the NAM.

In his address, Selaković reminded that the former Yugoslavia and President Tito, as co-founders of the Movement, gave their contribution to creating a vision of a different world, and that Serbia, as one of the successors of Yugoslavia, is proud of that part of its history.

"The spirit of non-alignment is based on equality, freedom, lasting peace, sovereign equality of states and peaceful cooperation of all peoples, and these values are also woven into the state-building foundations of Serbia", the minister said.

Selaković said that the Non-Aligned Movement throughout its history has been a beacon of freedom to all those who sought the right to existence and prosperity in a world that was often ruled, not by the force of law, but by the law of force.

He assessed that even today we find ourselves in times of serious global challenges in which the Movement has the opportunity to reaffirm its libertarian traditions and commitment to a world of equals.

"Serbia, as a militarily neutral and politically independent state, will give its most sincere contribution to such goals of the Movement. We hope that by strengthening mutual ties and cooperation, as a group of states and peoples that share the same values and interests, we will strengthen our common capacity to face the challenges of tomorrow. And the challenges are already before us", Selaković pointed out.

The Minister emphasized that international law should be a pillar of political and security architecture of the world, and added that Serbia respects the commitment of the members of the Movement towards the goals and principles of the UN Charter.

"Many members of this movement are aware that by insisting on international law, they are working in their own favor and in favor of preserving regional and global stability," the minister pointed out.

Selaković also said that the COVID-19 pandemic clearly showed that inequality, lack of solidarity and empathy in the world have become very obvious in the roughest way.

"Serbia is eternally grateful to all the countries which, such as Azerbaijan, helped us in difficult times. We later extended that chain of solidarity by making vaccines available, not only to our citizens, but also to others in the region. We supported our neighbors with the belief that solidarity is the best investment in a common future", the minister concluded.

Cooperation between Serbia and the USA in the field of energy

July 12, 2021

The President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, and the Prime Minister, Ana Brnabić, received today, at separate meetings, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Diplomacy Kurt Donnelly, with whom they discussed cooperation between the two countries in the field of energy.

President Vučić pointed out that it is important for Serbia to ensure energy security, i.e. a continuous supply of energy sources, for which the needs are growing.

American diplomat Donnelly said that for President Biden's administration, energy is one of the key issues in the economy, but also in foreign policy, considering that the United States want to be a global leader in the fight against climate change and encourage Serbia to be ambitious on this issue.

In this regard, President Vučić said that four laws in the field of mining and energy have been passed, which enable energy transition and contribute to achieving the goal of climate neutrality by 2050. He also stated that Serbia is commited to diversifying the sources and directions of gas supply.

The two interlocutors also discussed possible joint projects in the field of energy, as well as other issues of bilateral cooperation.

At the meeting with the Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić, energy efficiency was discussed, as well as energy security and the transition to a green economy.

Brnabić pointed out that Serbia has adopted important laws in the field of mining and energy, which will significantly affect the "green transition", as well as that significant funds are being invested in the installation of filters in Serbian factories, which should reduce air and environmental pollution, given that citizens care about their living environment.

Donnelly pointed out that the new US administration has set the field of energy among its main goals, and that the focus is on energy security and the concept of energy justice, in order for the citizens around the world to have enough energy and to create conditions for creating new and better jobs and job positions.

Selaković congratulated Blinken on US Independence Day

04 July 2021

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, Nikola Selaković, congratulated US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Independence Day, emphasizing that the improvement of all forms of cooperation with the United States is one of the foreign policy priorities of the Republic of Serbia.

"On the occasion of the United States Independence Day, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia and on my own behalf, I would like to send you my most sincere congratulations and best wishes for the prosperity of your country and the well-being of American citizens", Selaković said in his congratulatory message.

Minister Selaković reminded that this year, Serbia and the United States of America mark the 140th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, and that our two countries were allies in crucial moments in history, guided by faith in truth, justice and progress.

Selaković pointed out that more than a century ago, the Serbian flag fluttered over the White House and that many American citizens, in the difficult days that Serbia went through during and after the Great War, expressed support for the Serbian people worthy of admiration, which is why their charities remained deeply rooted in the memory of our people.

"I use this opportunity to express my high gratitude to the United States for supporting the process of European integration of the Republic of Serbia, as well as for the fact that we are recognized by your country as the economic engine of the Western Balkans", Selaković said.

The Minister also expressed satisfaction with the fact that in the previous period, concrete steps were taken to strengthen and deepen our bilateral cooperation, emphasizing the fact that the regional office of the International Development Finance Corporation was opened in Belgrade, which will contribute to a stronger economic presence of the United States in our country, as well as in the region.

President Vučić participates in the Mini Schengen conference

29th June 2021

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić participated today via a video link in the conference "Mini Schengen" with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, Edi Rama, and the Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev.

The officials discussed further steps in regional cooperation, as a process vital to the progress of the Western Balkans and the European path as a whole.

The interlocutors agreed that the countries of the Western Balkans need membership in the European Union, but also that the European Union needs the Western Balkans just as much since the region is surrounded by EU borders and the countries aspiring to membership share common European values.

The President of Serbia and the Prime Ministers of Albania and North Macedonia have expressed the wish that the four European freedoms - the movement of people, goods, services and capital, begin to be implemented as soon as possible throughout the region, and that in this context they will provide full support to the regional common market at the Berlin Process Summit to be held on the 5th July.

"We are aware that only by working together and accepting regional cooperation within various regional initiatives such as the common market, regional Schengen, green corridors or the Berlin Process, can we bring our economies closer, increase the well-being of our people and bring in large investments that would otherwise not be possible for any of us individually", is one of the joint conclusions of this video conference.

The interlocutors agreed to meet in Skopje on July 29th to review the progress in the implementation of existing initiatives and projects and to sign additional agreements between the three countries related to the implementation of the Berlin Process commitments, as well as cooperation and assistance in the event of natural disasters and relief measures for trade, export and import.

"We call on and encourage our colleagues from the region to sign and implement similar agreements, so that the vision of a common political and economic space across the Western Balkans would soon, through the single market, become an important part of our citizens' daily lives," said the Serbian President and Prime Ministers of Albania and North Macedonia.

The interlocutors pointed out that despite the delays in the enlargement process, they will continue to try to identify new ways, policy areas and financial instruments for all three countries to increase their contribution to Europe, strengthen ties with the European Union and gradually integrate the region into the single European market.

Speaking on the Green Agenda, the interlocutors issued a joint call to the European Union and the United States to join countries across the region to support the development of projects that could be invested as soon as possible to improve environmental protection and increase the widespread use of renewables as part of the EU Economic and Investment Plan implementation and the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans.

"Our countries have a huge potential for sustainable growth and development of this sector. We will ask for practical support to find out which projects can improve our region in terms of renewable energy sources for our citizens and for the green energy future of the EU ", said the interlocutors during the "Mini Schengen" video conference and concluded that only regional connecting, with the EU support, can contribute to the overall stability and progress of the entire region and Europe.

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