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Curriculum Vitae

H.E. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Serbia

to the United States of America

Mr. Marko Djuric


- 2012-2014 Foreign policy advisor to the President of the Republic of Serbia

As the youngest Advisor to the President of the Republic so far, Mr. Djuric headed the foreign policy team in the Office of the President. In this capacity, he was successful in preparing the President’s meetings with a total of 49 heads of state and government, dealing with political, diplomatic issues and protocol. Closely cooperating with the President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, during the three years on this post he took part in implementing and creating the Serbian short, middle and long term foreign policy agenda. For and on behalf of the Serbian President he addressed bilateral and multilateral issues, continuously holding meetings and maintaining contacts and cooperation with diplomatic representatives of all states and international organizations accredited in Belgrade. He also maintained daily personal contacts with advisors and closest associates of heads of state and government from across the globe discussing issues relevant to the Serbian side. He played a role in the Republic of Serbia’s participation in a number of UN General Assembly and UN Security Council sessions and African Union events, coordination of the Serbian Chairmanship of South-East European Cooperation Process, Brdo-Brioni Process, opening of Serbia-EU accession negotiations, including activities within a variety of regional organizations and initiatives. Mr. Djuric co-wrote and wrote talking points for statements delivered by Serbian high representatives at a large number of important international events. 

- Head of the Serbian Negotiating Team for Chapter 35, in the process of accession negotiations with the European Union 


- 2012-2020 Head of the Serbian Negotiating Team in the dialogue with Provisional Institutions of Self-Government in Pristina

Mr. Djuric was head of delegation in 221 rounds of talks with representatives of Pristina PISG in Brussels, with participation of the EU and other stakeholders. He actively participated and was in charge for political and technical level preparations of the majority of high-level meetings and negotiations on this issue in the period indicated above.

- Head of the Committee for the implementation of the First Agreement of Principles Governing the Normalization of Relations between Belgrade and Pristina

As a member of the Serbian President and Government team, he coined the term and came up with the concept of the Community of Serb Municipalities which was included in the First Agreement.

- 2014-2020 Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija

Mr. Djuric spent more than six years heading the Office (as its longest-tenured Director since 1999 launch) tasked with creating and implementing the state policy and coordinating all activities of the Republic of Serbia in the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija in the midst of political and security challenges of utmost complexity. He led the team which carried out construction and reconstruction of 2470 houses and flats for Serbs and other Serbian citizens in Kosovo and Metohija – internally displaced persons, returnees and socially vulnerable, while also cooperating with the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska-Prizren in full or partial reconstruction of 45 churches, monasteries and other religious sites of the Serbian Orthodox Church. For merit in this context he received, on behalf of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, the Order of the Holy King Milutin from His Holiness Patriarch Irinej - one of the highest decorations of the Serbian Orthodox Church. He initiated and implemented a number of capital projects of interest for Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, including the “Sun Valley” returnee settlement (one of its kind in the world), tourism and health resort Rajska Banja near Banjska, new maternity hospital in Pasjane, a number of new health facilities, kindergartens and schools. During his term of duty he stayed in Kosovo and Metohija on more than 150 occasions to meet with the locals, deal with problems and provide humanitarian and other forms of aid on behalf of the Republic of Serbia. As he discharged his duties, he was illegally and brutally arrested and inflicted serious injuries by the special forces loyal to Pristina. Mr. Djuric also served as Head of the Serbian Government Working Group for internal dialogue on the resolution of the Kosovo and Metohija issue, chairing over 40 roundtable discussions on this issue and participating alongside preeminent Serbian experts in various areas, representatives of different professions and social groups. In September 2020, he was on the state delegation of Serbia at the talks between Belgrade and Pristina held in Washington, D.C.. Mr. Djuric participated in high-level meetings presenting the national policy of Serbia concerning Kosovo and Metohija to the leadership of PR China, the Russian Federation, Germany, France, etc. He accompanied President Aleksandar Vucic at the first bilateral meeting held in more than two decades between the leaders of Serbia and the United States at the White House. Closely cooperating with the President, he worked on the formation of the Serb List – the umbrella political organization of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija which received 90% of ethnic Serb votes in Kosovo and Metohija, thus putting all Serbian political representatives in AP Kosovo and Metohija under one roof.


- In 2008, Mr. Djuric was among the founding members of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS)

He would receive citizens on the first party premises in Cika Ljubina St., Belgrade, engage in political activism (canvassing, distribution of promotional materials). As an alumnus of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade he penned with Mr. Nikola Selakovic an analysis of the draft statute of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina from a legal and political point of view. He was on the SNS Legal Council and International Cooperation Council; 2009-2012. He held over 100 regular weekly media conferences of the Serbian Progressive Party prepared with the Party’s deputy president, he took part in public forums, TV shows, panels, showing full commitment to the party;

- 2009 Member of the SNS Main Board

- 2012 Member of the SNS party Presidency

- 2016-present - Deputy Chairman of SNS Main Board

He co-authored the 2011 “white book” of SNS programming principles. In the field of international cooperation among parties, he is in charge of cooperation with political parties beyond European borders, heading Serbian party delegations at a number of international political party forums.

- 2019 Head of South-Eastern European governing parties delegation at the Belt and Road Summit in PR China

- 2014-2020 Head of SNS election campaign and, in his capacity as Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, coordinator of support to the Serb List in Kosovo and Metohija in a total of ten election cycles (parliamentary elections in Serbia (3), election of the President of the Republic of Serbia, elections for representatives in Pristina PISG Assembly (3), elections for mayors in Kosovo and Metohija within the PISG system). Every consecutive election cycle listed above recorded a significant increase in the total number of votes accrued (approximately from 47% to 90%);


- 2011 Research Associate of the Institute for Political Studies in Belgrade


- Holds a degree in law - the Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary,

- Alumnus of the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade;

- The First Belgrade High School – social and language studies;

- Vladislav Ribnikar Elementary School;

- Fluent in English and Hebrew, working knowledge of French and Russian.


Spouse: Andrijana Djuric; three daughters: Jovana, Milica and Djurdja

Born on 25 June 1983 in Belgrade, Vracar municipality;


He co-developed the concept of Ramonda nathaliae (with Ambassador Aleksandar Ristic), the official symbol of Serbian victory in the Great War.

Mr. Djuric is an avid runner. He ran the Berlin Marathon in 2019 (4hrs 43min) and took part in the 20 km of Brussels race in 2018 (2hrs 17min).

Curriculum Vitae