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Embassy of the Republic of Serbia

2233 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Suite 410

Washington, D.C. 20007


Embassy (phone): (202) 332-0333

Embassy (fax): (202) 332-3933

Consular Section (phone): (202) 4890-203, (202) 4890-229

After-hours/emergency phone No: (202) 706-0209

Embassy (e-mail): info@serbiaembusa.org

Consular Section (e-mail): consular@serbiaembusa.org




The nationals of the Republic of Serbia living abroad wishing to vote in the Referendum of the Republic of Serbia for the confirmation of the Act on Amending the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia scheduled for January 16, 2022, can exercise their voting right by casting their vote in a diplomatic-consular mission under whose jurisdiction they reside abroad.

All nationals of the Republic of Serbia, 18 years or older, with legal residence in the Republic of Serbia, have a right to vote in the elections.

The voters cast their vote exclusively in person in the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia. As a proof of identity, the voters need to present either a valid passport or a valid identity card of the Republic of Serbia.

Even if you previously voted in the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Washington you are still obliged to register to vote abroad in the Referendum.

Before submitting a registration, please visit the Electoral Commission web site and, by entering your unique citizenship number (JMBG) and your identity card number, check whether your name has been entered into the Unified List of Voters.

1. If your name is listed in the Unified List of Voters, you shall register for voting abroad by filling out Request for registration of the fact that a voter will be voting abroad. Your request and a copy of your valid passport or a printout of your valid identity card of the Republic of Serbia should be submitted to the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Washington D.C.

2. If your name is not listed in the Unified List of Voters, along with the Request for registration of the fact that a voter will be voting abroad and a copy of your valid passport or a printout of your valid identity card of the Republic of Serbia, you need to fill out and submit a Request for entering a voter into Unified List of Voters.

Your request to vote can be submitted either:

- by sending an e-mail to: referendum@serbiaembusa.org (all documents submitted need to be scanned as a single file)
- by mail to the following address: Embassy of the Republic of Serbia, 2233 Wisconsin Ave. Suite 410, NW, Washington D.C. 20007
- in person with a prior scheduled appointment, in the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Washington D.C.


For all information regarding COVID 19 entry requirements into The Republic of Serbia, please follow the link below:



Free online workshop on tax incentives in Serbia

REGISTRATION: http://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfFrbjlhketWxhDFlFlCEIQd-SqEMLrR11HFxHWvWZ-tJ9-mQ/viewform

Minister Selakovic with Serbs in Chicago on Christmas Eve


Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic spent Christmas Eve at the New Gracanica Monastery in Chicago where he attended the liturgy officiated by Bishop Longin of New Gracanica and Midwestern America.

After burning the Badnjak (Yule log) in the churchyard, Selaković talked with the members of the Serbian diaspora.

On this occasion, Selaković said that he was honored to spend Christmas with the Serbian diaspora in the State of Illinois, noting that in the past representatives of our country were visiting that part of the world in order to seek some sort of assistance and expressed his desire to present Serbia as it is today-a lively and proud Serbia that experienced its full renaissance in the time of Aleksandar Vučić.

According to him, Serbs are well established in this part of the United States, they have achieved many life and professional successes and are closely following the progress of Serbia and increasingly want to return to their homeland.

"It is our task to show that Serbia is a mother to her children wherever they are and that their return to Serbia is always desired," Selaković said.

Bishop Longin said that it was encouraging that for the first time a representative of the Government of Serbia came to Chicago for Christmas, where the Serbian people, although geographically far from the motherland, are faithful and loyal to the name of Serbia and Orthodox faith.

"I believe that this day will remain inscribed in golden letters in our annals here. "I have a feeling that the time has come for the representatives of the state not to come expecting support and help from the Serbs, but to come and ask what the state can do for them," the Bishop said.

The liturgy was also attended by the Director of the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the region Arnaud Gouillon.

The Delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia will also attend today the Christmas service at the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral.

Minister Selaković presented economic successes of Serbia and the conditions for investment to Chicago entrepreneurs


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Nikola Selaković met today in Chicago with the representatives of some of the largest companies from that city and presented the economic potential of our country, primarily the benefits and opportunities provided to investors.

Selaković stated that Serbia has had the fastest growing economy in Europe in the past two years, that, despite the pandemic, it has remained stable in terms of public debt and that it is convincingly the first in the region when it comes to foreign investments level.

As he explained, the progress of the Serbian economy is the result of numerous reforms initiated at the time when the incumbent President Aleksandar Vučić was at the head of the government, primarily fiscal consolidation but also extensive changes in the education system.

Selakovic said that Serbia offers excellent conditions for business development in many areas, especially in the IT sector which has achieved impressive growth in the last five years and continues to grow.

According to him, the fact that German companies in our country employed around 17,500 workers only a few years ago speaks of the attractiveness of Serbia as an investment destination, and that today about 74,000 people work in German companies in Serbia.

Minister Selaković explained that Serbia offers excellent benefits to investors from the USA, favorable tax conditions but also fewer administrative obstacles than EU countries, adding that companies such as Microsoft and Amazon already operate in our country, and that NCR employs as many as seven thousand people.

He also pointed out the importance of infrastructure development in Serbia, emphasizing that ten highways are currently being built, which will completely change the way and quality of life and business doing in our country.

He added that Serbia is also unique with regard to the fact that every potential investor is received by the president or prime minister and that an efficient system of protection of investments against corruption has been created, while the comparative advantage of our country is numerous free trade agreements.

Minister Selaković also informed his interlocutors about the epidemiological situation and the measures that Serbia is taking in the fight against the corona virus, emphasizing that, through concrete assistance, we have expressed solidarity with our neighbors and many countries worldwide.

The Director of the World Business Chicago Michael Fassnacht said that the citizens of Chicago were proud of the fact that the city was home to the largest Serbian emigrant community in the United States as well as of the established partnership with the twin city of Belgrade.

Representatives of Chicago companies had a number of questions about the specific conditions for investing in Serbia.

Minister Selaković also had the opportunity to visit the DRW Holdings where he learned in more detail about the economic potential of Chicago, primarily about the financial sector.

Minister Selaković arrived in Chicago, together with the Director of the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the region Arnaud Gouillon, to spend Christmas with the Serbian emigrant community. The delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also includes Assistant Minister for Economic Diplomacy Miroslav Knezevic.

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