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Serbia gets opportunity to cooperate with Goldman Sachs

21 July 2021

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic stated today in New York that our country has been given the opportunity to cooperate with one of the most powerful investment groups in the world, Goldman Sachs, which it will use.

Brnabic, who talked with Goldman Sachs President David Solomon, during her working visit to the USA, emphasised that the presence of Goldman Sachs gives a completely different level of respect and credibility of the country.

We tried to bring Goldman Sachs to Serbia, it seems that we have succeeded for now, on a small scale, they do not come just like that, they are not present in the region. We managed to agree to have a small joint project to make sure that everything we talk about is really like that, and when you open the door and show yourself, it is a different perspective, she explained.

The Prime Minister noted that she could not give details of the talks on the project that were discussed at the meeting. She pointed out that the meeting was at a completely different level than in 2014. Namely, this group will now be present as Goldman Sachs and develop some segment of its business in Serbia. It was an excellent, but difficult meeting, said Brnabic and added that this group knows everything about Serbia – how much we have changed, how serious and credible we are, they appreciate all that.

According to her, Serbia will continue to fight for the cooperation with Goldman Sachs to move to an even higher level.

The Prime Minister also expressed satisfaction with the results of the talks she had with entrepreneurs in the field of IT gathered in the organisation "Serbian Entrepreneurs", which helped her to have numerous meetings in the USA.

She said that she expects three or four new investments from the working meetings during her visit to the United States, which will bring at least 120 new jobs that will be created in the next year.

The Prime Minister emphasized that from the most important centre of the world, she received confirmation that everything we are doing and planning is on the right path, noting that all those who have already invested in Serbia have stated that we are another country compared to what they saw six years ago, and that it is an incredible step forward.

Source: www.srbija.gov.rs

Photo: www.srbija.gov.rs

Serbia has achieved great success in the field of digitalization

20 July 2021

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, stated at a gathering dedicated to digitalization and the IT sector, which was held in New York, that since she became Prime Minister, she is most proud of Serbia's success in the field of digitalization.

Brnabić, who is on a two-day visit to the United States, said that when she was elected Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government in August 2016, she wanted to do everything to change the public administration and what bothered her as a citizen.

She stated that, when she took office as Prime Minister, she knew what her priorities were and that first of all, digitalization needed to be raised to a higher level, that the education reform was supposed to begin, as well as work on strengthening the economy. I believed in a country that believes in its people, because the Serbian people are creative.

From 1 June 2017, we started working as an e-Government, i.e. we started exchanging data electronically, said the Prime Minister. According to her, our citizens no longer had to go to, say, the Tax Administration, and since then, the public administration has exchanged 50 million documents, which means that citizens did not have to go from office to office for 50 million papers.

Brnabić pointed out that she is proud of what has been done in the field of education since she became the head of the Government, specifying that in September 2017, programming was introduced as a compulsory subject in primary schools. Nobody believed that we could do that, but we cooperated with the private sector and some social organizations and we succeeded. At the moment, we are far ahead of numerous countries in Europe and the world, said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister pointed out that she was most proud when the cornerstone was laid for the science and technology park in southern Serbia, noting that so far, our country has four science and technology parks. She pointed out that Serbia has since become one of the most successful countries in the world in the field of technology, and that according to some parameters, it is among the ten countries in the world, or among the five, assessing that this is proof that the country can change quickly.

Answering the question about vaccination, the Prime Minister emphasized that our country has never seen it as a geopolitical issue, but as a health issue. According to her, Serbia talked with producers from both the East and the West and was among the first European countries to sign agreements with the company Pfizer-BioNTech and Sinopharm. Unfortunately, many countries have viewed this issue as geopolitical. It did not matter to us, as long as the vaccines were safe, the Prime Minister emphasized and added that this was not the end of Serbia's success, because good organization was also needed.

Brnabić explained that the organization is another important thing in vaccination, because it is a logistically very difficult process, adding that, with the help of digitalization, success has been achieved and that everything we did in the previous years has paid off. She stated that Serbia quickly established a system through which citizens could express interest in vaccination against the coronavirus and choose which vaccine they wanted to receive, as well as to be informed by a message when to go and get vaccinated.

Now I can log in on my phone, to see how many people have received the vaccine, how many more have registered, so that the effects of digitalization are obvious. We have made everything very efficient and easy for our citizens, the Prime Minister explained.

Answering the question of what she can tell other countries of the world about how to progress faster, Brnabić said that it is important to invest as much as possible in digitalization and education. You need to teach children how to think, not what to think. Not all children will become IT experts, but what they can learn is an algorithmic way of thinking and how to make decisions, she said.

The Prime Minister mentioned investing in high-speed internet and providing infrastructure for start-ups as an important thing for progress, because more and more economies will be based on start-ups and innovations, emphasizing that people should be helped to start companies and implement their ideas.

Speaking about social networks, she pointed out that fake news has become the biggest problem on these networks and that it will remain so for some time. This is the biggest challenge I face as Prime Minister, especially during the corona virus pandemic, she said, adding that social networks are also a great opportunity for politicians to communicate with citizens.

Source: www.srbija.gov.rs

Photo: www.srbija.gov.rs

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